Master Person Analysis


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Note: This test review was published by BPS on 23rd April 2012

Description of the Test

The Master Person Analysis (MPA) is designed for use in a work setting for the recruitment and development of employees. It is a quasi ipsative personality questionnaire. It was designed in 1985 in Denmark by Master Management International A/S and initially revised in 1991. The current review is based on what the authors refer to as "an extensive revision" in 2007. The questionnaire which forms the basis of the MPA measures 8 basic properties: Self-assertion; Use of Energy; Emotional Control; Social Contact; Confidence/Trust; Attention to Detail; Security and Abstraction Orientation. There are also a number of derived scales which can be calculated, one of which, Achievement Orientation, is included with the basic profile. Questionnaire items consist of 40 groups of 4 statements each belonging to a different basic property. The respondent must select two statements: one that is ‘most like me’ and one that is ‘least like me’. Both positively and negatively loading items are used which results in the quasi-ipsative format. MPA can be administered in a paper and pencil version or via a computer application. The paper version is a fold out A4 combined question booklet and answer sheet. All scoring is via computer. Responses from the paper and pencil version can only be scored by computer entry. Norms are provided for eleven countries within Europe as well as for an Asian sample. Subsequent analyses in 2011 has collected norm data on East and South Asian samples. A variety of computer generated reports are available from the scores including individual profiles and narrative reports. The MPA is supplied with a Job Analysis Questionnaire which is based around the 9 scales on the MPA profile. Individual profiles can be compared against ‘ideal profiles’ generated from the Job Analysis Questionnaire or from profiles of (selected) current job holders. Other features include the ability to compare team member’s profiles when creating or developing teams. The MPA has an annual user licence which depends on the size of the organisation but covers unlimited use and report generation.

Authors: Bjarne Monster

Test Publisher: Master International A/S

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