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Note: This test review was published by BPS in 2004

Description of the Test

The MAPP has been designed to measure individual characteristics (relating to temperament, style, preferences, typical responses, values and motivations) that are thought to be critical to occupational activities such as selection, development, counselling and succession planning. It is a self report questionnaire that provides information on 33 (paper and pencil version) or 34 (computer administered) bipolar scales. It is intended for use with graduates, managers, sales/service supervisors and administrators. The questionnaire is in two parts. Part One consists of 228 items that cover “Outward” characteristics (behaviour or style) relating to people as well as tasks and “Inward” characteristics (less obvious to others) relating to feelings. There are 8 scales relating to people: Affectionate, Sociable, Confident, Convincing, Perceptive, Candid, Assertive, and Uncompromising; six scales relating to tasks: Free thinking, Strategic, Intuitive, Distractible, Systematic, and cautious; and four scales relating to feelings: Self-assured, Anxious, Sensitive and expressive. Part One also includes the Self-Critical response style scale to check for social desirability responding and a measure of Central tendency, based on all 228 items. Part Two comprises 168 items with 14 scales that cover “Inward” aspects of work-related values: Material wealth, Competition, Results, Recognition, Personal authority, Responsibility, Intellect, Novelty, Self-expression, Altruism, Intimacy, Levity, security and Work. For both parts, respondents choose one of five responses from “Strongly disagree” to “Strongly agree”, to each statement. For the paper and pencil version, respondents blacken boxes on an answer sheet, and plastic overlay keys are used to calculate scale scores. These are transferred to a profile chart, which presents the profile in terms of Sten scores based on a composite norm group. The latest update, 2001, has a large sample of 2232 (part one), 2419 (part two), of primarily middle and senior managers, with a male/female ratio of 2:1 The profile chart groups the scales under four main headings: people, tasks, feelings and Values. An optional computer-generated narrative is available which graphically presents the Sten scores and gives a text interpretation of groups of scales, potential causes of dissatisfaction, team types, and potential strengths and weaknesses in terms of management competence.

Authors: R. A. Hunter and A. M. Roberts

Test Publisher: Knight Chapman Psychological Ltd.

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