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Note: This test review was published by BPS on 27th March 2009

Description of the Test

The Insights Discovery Preference Evaluator is a personality assessment tool developed in the context of the Jungian Type Model by the father and son team Andi and Andy Lothian in the early 1990s. It is intended to provide a range of outputs including an assessment of the respondent’s Jungian Type, together with assessments against more complex 16 and 72 type - models. The questionnaire is an ipsative styled measure with 25 item ‘frames’ within which a ranking of four statements takes place, from ‘Most’ to ‘Least Like Me’. In the original review the measure was identified as Version S3.0 (UK). This update review is based on that same measure plus new technical information and documentation supplied by the University of Westminster Business Psychology Centre, whose Director, Dr Stephen Benton, has been responsible for the updating and presentation of the new materials. The IDPE is intended for use in the work place environment, with emphasis on developmental applications. It could also be used more widely in, for example, educational institutions or in guidance or counselling situations. The IDPE provides a graphical illustration of the respondent’s position on the three Jungian dimensions (introversion – extraversion, thinking – feeling, and sensing – intuition) for both ‘conscious’ and ‘less conscious’ modes. It also enables individuals to be scored into 4 type categories which are colour coded and related to the first two elements of the Jungian model, e.g. Red for extraverted thinking, Yellow for extraverted feeling etc. The candidate can also be categorised into 8 further descriptive categories (Reformer, Director, Motivator, Inspirer, Helper, Supporter, Co-ordinator, and Observer) which break down into 16 more finely divided and defined types. Ultimately the ‘Insights Wheel’ gives rise to 72 types, made up of Focussed, Classic, or Accommodating variants of those already subdivided. There are many manuals to support the development applications. These include: • 10 Practitioner Guides, for example, the “Glossary of Insight Terms”, 8 Facilitator and Coach notes, which are ideas and resources for development work • 40 Learning Guides which are “Self Help” or individual workbooks. The “Learner” has access to the Learning Library. There are Guides for transforming Teams, Individuals (e.g. Taking Stock of Life) and Organisations. . The materials give the user a complete approach to introducing the model to a “learner” who is presumably the test taker on a journey of self discovery in a workshop or independent setting. The learner is given information on the background to the model, the constructs and descriptions of the various types. The Practitioner gets an extended version of this with notes, tips and exercises to introduce each stage of the suggested learning process. For the purpose of this update review, we have mainly taken into consideration, the 219 page English Version Technical Manual, which includes information on facilitating and coaching, and the Practitioner Guide “The Development, Validity and Reliability of the Insights Discovery Preference Evaluator”. The instrument takes around 15-20 minutes to complete. 8 sample computer generated narratives were provided with the update review pack. (See section on computer generated reports for details) There is a 4-day training programme to become Accredited Users of the Insight questionnaire. The IDPE is now available worldwide through a network of agents, and has been printed in 25 languages

Authors: Andrew Lothian

Test Publisher: Insights Learning & Development Ltd.

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