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Note: This test review was done by BPS on 1st January 2018

Description of the Test

The Caliper Profile is a combined personality and ability measure designed for use with adults in a work context, either within an organisation or those applying for roles. The tool is primarily an online tool (although a paper-based version is also available), consisting of five sections of questions, two of which relate to ability, and three of which relate to personality. There are 112 items in total, and the guidance suggests that the assessment takes approximately 75-90 minutes to complete. Some of the personality items are forced-choice (choosing ‘most’ and ‘least’ from a block of four items), others are responded to using a seven-point Likert rating scale. The ability items are multiple-choice, selecting from four alternatives.

The tool was first developed in 1960, in the US, with the aim of helping to predict sales employees’ turnover, but the tool has undergone revisions to broaden its use to make it applicable to a wider variety of roles.

The personality component has a five-factor structure and consists of 22 scales: Accommodation, Aggressiveness, Assertiveness, Cautiousness, Ego-Drive, Ego-strength, Empathy, Energy, External structure, Flexibility, Gregariousness, Idea Orientation, Levelheadedness, Openness, Risk-taking, SelfStructure, Sensitivity, Skepticism, Sociability, Stress Tolerance, Thoroughness and Urgency. A few of these are derived from other scales. The ability component measures abstract reasoning. A short form Caliper Profile © 2018 BPS Page 3 of 19.

(Caliper Predictor) is also available which excludes the ability component and the ‘Empathy’ scales (Openness, Flexibility, Sensitivity and the derived Empathy score). Results are norm-referenced, with a single UK norm group currently being available. Interpretation of respondent profiles is done by Caliper consultants. Consultants do not have direct contact with respondents but will typically provide a telephone review of the profile for the end user.

Two types of computer-generated reports are available from the Caliper Profile: Advisor Reports and Predictor Reports. Each of these comes in various versions, focused on particularly job roles. Advisor Reports are available for Management, Sales, Services and Technical roles and Predictor Reports are available for Account Service Specialist, Customer Service Representative, Operator, Sales-Account Development, Sales Manager and Sales-New Business Development roles. Reports contain a mixture of static and conditional text, and graphical displays of results. In the case of Predictor Reports, they also include a ‘Position-Fit Index’ score that indicates the degree of overall fit to typical requirements for the job.

Author: Herbert M. Greenberg, Harold P. Weinstein, Hilary Butera, Cynthia Hedricks

Test Publisher: Caliper UK Ltd.

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