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Note: This test was reviewed by BPS on 1st December 2006

Description of the test

The Assess Personality Survey is part of the Assess Expert System, which is a computer generated program that makes judgements based on scores from standardised personality and optional ability tests.  It was originally developed in 1970, drawing on two work-related personality assessment tools, the Guildford-Zimmerman Temperament Survey and the Dynamic Factors Opinion Survey, with a number of revisions in 1986, 1999, 2001 and 2003; updates were developed to incorporate the latest computer technology.  The test is designed for use with professionals, managers and executives in a business environment.  A number of different types of profile for different purposes can be produced by the system, for employee selection and development.

The Assess Personality Survey contains questions about personality characteristics which may be related to job performance.  The personality scales are categorised under the headings of thinking, working and relating. Thinking characteristics are labelled as reflective, structured, serious-minded, fact based and realistic.  Working characteristics are labelled as work pace, self-reliance, work organisation, multi-tasking, need for task resolution, acceptance of control, frustration tolerance, need for freedom, need for attention/recognition and detail orientation.  Relating characteristics are labelled as assertiveness, sociability, need to be liked, positive about people, insight, optimism, criticism tolerance, self control and cultural conformity.  There is also an assessment of the degree to which the respondent has answered candidly or in an overly positive manner.

Administration is by paper and pencil or on-line and it takes about 30 to 45 minutes to complete the personality test.  The reports that are generated depend on norms, which in the US consist of 256,153 professional candidates and in the UK, data from 12,600 respondents were gathered from a variety of companies, with templates given in the manual for different job groups compared to the professional norms.  Data in the reports are presented in graphical form, with a translation of the scores in terms of personality traits and abilities.

If used for selection purposes, three different kinds of report can be produced: the screening report, the standard selection report and the competency selection report.  The screening report provides a quick overview of the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses.  The standard selection report is a detailed examination of the candidate’s assets and liabilities to help determine job fit and performance potential, and includes additional tools such as structured interview probes to follow up on the report, and management suggestions.   The competency selection report is a customised report that evaluates a candidate’s assets and liabilities in relation to the specific competencies needed to perform on the job.

If used for development, two reports are available.  The first is the standard development report which is written for the individual and provides feedback of the assessment results with suggestions for development.  The second is the competency development report which is a customised report that assesses an individual’s assets and liabilities and provides developmental feedback in relation to the needed competencies of the job.

The Assess system has been translated into 16 different languages and is available in 42 countries, including the UK.  The test is accompanied by a technical manual, an on-line user guide and an addendum manual for the UK.

Original Test Publisher: David G. Bigby

Current Test Publisher: Outmatch

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