Wechsler Memory Scale ® Fourth UK Edition


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Note: This test review was published by BPS on 31st January 2012

Description of the Test:

The Wechsler Memory Scale®–Fourth UK Edition (WMS-IVUK) is an individually administered battery designed to assess various memory and working memory abilities in individuals aged 16-90. In addition to the assessment of memory functioning, the WMS®-IVUK contains an optional Brief Cognitive Status Exam designed to screen for significant cognitive dysfunction by providing an indication of current cognitive status. Two batteries are contained within the WMS®-IVUK: an Adult battery for individuals aged 16-69, and a shorter Older Adult battery developed for use with individuals aged 65-90. The Older Adult battery has been designed to take less time and so reduce fatigue effects and consequently improve the psychometric properties of the tests with older populations. WMS®-IVUK assesses aspects of memory relevant to clinical populations including those with neurological, psychiatric and developmental disorders. The WMS®-IVUK contains a total of seven subtests: three subtests retained (and amended) from the WMS®-IIIUK (Logical Memory, Verbal Paired Associates and Visual Reproduction) and four new subtests (Brief Cognitive Status Exam, Designs, Spatial Addition and Symbol Span). The changes were designed to improve the administration, scoring and psychometric properties of the subtests. The subtests are as follows. Please note that the delayed condition subtests are administered 20-30 minutes after the first subtest. Logical Memory I (LMI) assesses narrative memory under a free recall condition. Logical Memory II (LMII) is a delayed condition assessing long-term narrative memory with free recall and recognition tasks. Verbal Paired Associates I (VPAI) assesses verbal memory for associated word pairs. Verbal Paired Associates II (VPAII) is a delayed condition assessing long-term recall for verbally paired information with cued recall and recognition tasks and includes a free recall task. Designs I (DEI) assesses spatial memory for unfamiliar visual material. Designs II (DEII) is a delayed condition assessing long-term spatial and visual memory with free recall and recognition tasks. Visual Reproduction I (VPI) assesses memory for non-verbal visual stimuli. Visual Reproduction II (VPII) is a delayed condition assessing long-term visual-spatial memory with free recall and recognition tasks and includes a direct copy task. Spatial Addition (SA) assesses visual-spatial working memory using a visual addition task. Symbol Span (SSP) assesses visual working memory using novel visual stimuli. The optional Brief Cognitive Status Exam (BCSE) assesses a variety of cognitive functions including orientation to time, mental control, clock drawing, incidental recall, automaticity and inhibitory control and verbal production. The primary subtests: LM, VPA, DE, VR, SA and SSP are used to derive index scores. The five ‘index scores’ are Auditory Memory (AMI), Visual Memory (VMI), Visual Working Memory (VWMI), Immediate Memory (IMI) and Delayed Memory (DMI). VWMI is not available from the Older Adult battery. As well as index scores, ‘contrast scores’ are also available. These scores allow users to compare performance on “higher- to lower-level cognitive functions” or to differentiate between different modalities of presentation. Finally, ‘process scores’ are designed to provide a more detailed level of analysis on subtest performance, such as a comparison between the recall of design content and the recall of spatial location in the DE subtest. The WMS®-IVUK comes with ‘writer’ software which allows a range of reports to be produced: The Score Report – a series of tables and graphs representing the scores. The tables and graphs are also included in the Interpretive Report. Interpretive Report – a narrative interpretation of the WMS-IV scores, as well as relevant details from the examinee history screens. Clinical Review – a narrative analysis of the background data. Client/Caregiver Report – a narrative summary of the WMS®-IVUK scores.

Authors: David Wechsler

Test Publisher: Pearson Assessment

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