Select your IIBP Membership

Accredited Corporate Member

This membership is for organizations who have or wish to have an IIBP accredited methodology or curriculum; and have completed the requirements as stated in the Training or Coaching Accreditation Criteria.

The annual membership fee of INR 50000. First Year FREE.

Certified Professional Member

This membership is for Consultants, Practitioners, Trainers and Coaches who are certified by IIBP or by IIBP Accredited Enterprise or an IIBP recognized organization or IIBP recognized foreign certification bodies like EFPA or BPS.

The annual membership fee of INR 5000. First year FREE.

Associate Member

This membership is for individuals researchers and practitioners who wish to attain high professional standards in their work and get help from IIBP coaches and mentors .

The annual membership fee is INR 1000. First year is FREE.

Student Member

This membership is if you are considering a people development related career and wish to open doors to opportunities in training, coaching, consulting and the development of psychology based programs or methodologies.

The annual membership fee of INR 500.

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IIBP Well Wishers

This membership is for who do not fit in any of the above membership options but wish to be in touch with IIBP activities and get benefited through different IIBP initiatives.

This membership is FREE.