About IIBP

The Indian Institute of Business Psychology (IIBP) is an accreditation body for Psychometric Testing, Training and coaching methodologies or processes applying knowledge and practices from psychology for the betterment of business. The institute aims at becoming the most loved destination for seekers of specialized and knowledge and services in the area of business psychology.

IIBP is a NOT FOR PROFIT company registered in India under the Companies Act. It is promoted by 3 like-minded professionals (Mr. K Srini,  Mr. Vijai Pandey and Ms. Sonam Pandey) with combined experience of more than 25 years in the area of business psychology. The main objective of IIBP is to expand the use of psychology in business for the benefit of employees and employers alike. It is addressing the long felt need of businesses to raise the standards of “certified” trainers, coaches and agencies who are providing psychological services to organizations.

Providers vs. Accreditors

The IIBP is an accrediting body for psychology based products and services. It does NOT provide any training, coaching or consultancy services to businesses. Nor is the IIBP affiliated with any service provider, methodology or certification. IIBP provides model course curriculum, standards, and accreditation/certification to those who comply with those standards. This independence and no-vested-interest-position is important for a professional body like IIBP which is committed to maintaining the gold standard for certification.

Since the IIBP does not involve itself in providing training or coaching or any of those services for which it accredits providers, organizations can be sure that they are getting the highest professional standard available for psychology based products and services. IIBP keeps distance from having any business interest with any product or service and therefore provides the most objective evaluation of such products/services. An IIBP accreditation implies that the product/service being offered by the accredited provider has met the standards prescribed by IIBP.  IIBP sets these standards through specialized committees comprised of leading professionals in the industry.

Verification of Accredited Service Providers


The IIBP serves as an institution for verification of accreditation and certification credentials. All members who are certified/accredited by IIBP or any agency accredited by IIBP, are listed in IIBP directory and their credentials are available for review/validation.