Accredited Corporate Membership Benefits

As an Accredited Enterprise Member (AEM) you get:

  1. Appearance in separate section of IIBP along with your website logo and URL displayed.
  2. Professional help in design & promotion of your Training programs / Professional courses.
  3. AE members’ can use IIBP logo & credentials for certifying trainers or coaches as a part of Organisation Qualification.
  4. Premium Listing in the IIBP database for client to verify Accredited Methodology.
  5. You will be regularly highlighted in IIBP newsletters sent to over 70,000 HR Professionals, CXOs and Entrepreneurs every month.
  6. Trainers or Coaches whom you certify will be eligible for Certified Professional Member from IIBP.
  7. Publication of your articles & case studies in the IIBP Newsletter.
  8. Opportunity to be shown on cover story in the Newsletter and distributed through different Social Media platforms globally.